Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alchemyst discussion questions for Thursday!

Okay, Bookies-- to generate a really interesting discussion, I have a simple task for you. In our book, Josh loves to look up info and see what checks out. I would like you to do the same! Come to the meeting with five interesting facts that you've discovered, either about the people in the book, the places they've gone, or whatever. We will do a big group share!

See you Thursday,
Mrs. P


Nathan said...

Oh ready me... I am reading Paul coelho's the alchemist, not the alchemyst with a y... Maybe I'll try to get your book today. Also, you guys should read this next...
Oh well.

Word verification was dammthought thatwas funny

Nathan said...

Mrs hogan is getting it interlibrary loaned, from Niwot high, I assume you are the reason there aren't any other copies ANYWHERE!!!!!! So I'll get it on Friday!

Kukulkan said...

Keep reading the one you have...Nathan that is a great book...and the message is universal so pay close attention!!!

My homework is done!!!

Nathan said...

I was planning on reading it, I am already hooked!!!!

EDIT: My word verrification was dammo in the first one, but my overly sensitive spell check would not alow this horrific imaginary word.

-Technology, who needs it anyways?! (Just kidding! I DO!)

Nathan said...

Snagged a copy and starting it this weekend. Meanwhile, the alchemIst with an I, has become my new favorite book.
Talk to you later, you little un-frequent posters you!!!!
: )

Roshon said...

Wow, 18 members? That's impressive- since the Niwot book clubs go by people just signing up, the numbers vary....I did the one for Room, and that one had like 7 people, I think, and then I signed up for the V for Vendetta one, but like two other people signed up for it. And they were my friends...OTL Yay.

And Nathan- The Alchemist is a GREAT book! :D Loved that one~

Let's see...what's a book most of you guys might not have read yet...? Oh, what about Varjak Paw, by S.F. Said? The illustrations are very cool in it and the author's style is interesting- it's very...shoot, blanking on the world....Yeah. There's also a sequel for it, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, which was pretty good too. Oh, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman(well, anything by Terry Pratchett is cool) is a lot of fun, if you don't mind reading stuff like that.


Rae said...

Oh I loved the Alchemist too, great book. I've never read what one you guys are reading. Maybe I'll steal it from Nathan...

And of course Kukulkan got on the five interesting points right away.

After swim season is over I can read a little more and do everything else I've been procrastinating on...I think I have like 3 weeks after swimming ends (assuming I don't get a state cut) before tennis starts. I've never played tennis before, any tips? I got my racket yesterday at Play it Again sports and it's really cool. It's like a hundred dollar racket for $29.

Miss you guys!

Mrs. P said...

Hey Former Bookies!
Once a bookie, always a bookie, right? :) Thx for the suggestions for out next book, Analie; I have decreed that we will be reading a classic next, but I haven't chosen the book yet, but I like the idea of the Gaiman/Pratchett for the one after... I'll have to check it out. Rachael, good for you, getting into tennis! My biggest advice for you right now is WATCH THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN ON ESPN 2. It's truly like getting free lessons when you pay attention to what the commentators are saying while watching the pros and what choices they make. You may have to record it as it's on generally while we are sleeping, but it's worth the effort if you really want to learn how to play. And, hi Nathan. You crazy kid.
Mrs. P