Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summertime Conversations!

Garrison just called me out on my slackerness! :) Actually, thanks Garrison-- I've been busy doing this and that and have only thought about the blog when I'm driving which is not conducive to actually working on it. I've updated the design to give it a summertime look-- you like? :)

All right you guys, what have you been up to? What's new? What are you reading? I've taken a trip to Texas to see family and friends, gotten Mia out almost every day, played a lot of tennis and gone to the pool to lounge in the sun and read. It's been really nice! I'm doing my Altona Summer Book Club again, so I'll be reading six Children's/YA books this summer.I just read Fire, the companion novel to Graceling, and I really liked it. I've just begun The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (people have been RAVING about this book, so I've got to see what all of the noise is about!). Wimbledon begins Monday at 4:30 in the morning, so that will keep me busy for a fortnight. Don't know what a fortnight is? Look it up! :)

Let me hear from you guys! Garrison, what Blue Spruce books have you read? Were they good?

Happy Summering!
Mrs. P


Roshon said...

Yay! I was wondering if you were going to do this this summer....

Well, on Friday I got back from China. ^^ I'm not sure if Denis ever talked about it during his aiding, but my symphony director took a group of students to China(he's from China and has good connections due to his dad) for an 8-city tour and to perform four concerts! The trip was about three weeks long.
I didn't read a lot on the trip, as I only brought one book, 1984, which I picked up from Barnes and Noble on the 'Summer Reading List' table for Boulder Valley. The book was fantastic and I really enjoyed reading it...I hope to read it again in High School, because I think it is a great discussion book. I also picked up two James Patterson books about New York murder mysteries that were 'okay'.

Other than that, I haven't read a lot since school ended....I have to read two books for Niwot IB, Fahrenheit 451(planning to read that one anyway; I hear it is very good) and Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe for World History(which I'm ecstatic for~ ^^).

I'll probably just read as it comes, I guess. I'm completely redoing my room right now and I want to concentrate on art and music this summer.

How is everyone else so far?


Rachael said...

Hey Guys!

Rachael...(yes, third person) has been frustrated the last couple of days, but it's all good now. My archery, pottery, and volleyball camps were ALL I had to make totally new summer plans. So instead I am going to a camp to go backpacking, rock climbing, and rafting. (My mom lets me go do something on my own because she pays for my brothers to go to Boy scout camp.)

As for reading...gosh. I've read a decent amount. I'm reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. Its a good book but really long with small print. I haven't made a dent in it yet.
I've also read Paper Daughter, about a girl who finds out that her dad didn't know his parents, and her family is tied to the Chinese Exclusion act. Very interesting read.
Nathan is reading Things Fall Apart, and Doug is reading Fahrenheit 451, so I hope you like them Roshon. I want to read both of those. My summer HW is to read 5 books. That's it for reading. They didn't even tell us what five books but I'm sticking to classics.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to China! That's so cool! I haven't gone on a trip all summer, but I'm leaving this Friday. We are going to Guernsey Lake in Wyoming where my mom grew up. We go there almost every summer. It's not on most maps either. Hence, Wyoming. ;)

As for free time...I'm crocheting a hat that's cute but taking forever. It currently looks more like a ya mica. (No, I'm not Jewish.)I also go to swim practice four times a week with dry land twice a week. (Nothing compared to my sister, you'd think she was a fish for all the time she spends in the water.)

And, yes, Mrs. P I like the new look of the blog.

Oh! I almost forgot (hard to do when its this long already...). My brothers and I are turning 15 on July 3rd, and we have finished Drivers Ed! So we are getting our permits on the 6th. (DMV is closed on my bday, 4th of July, and maybe the 5th too like all banks and my dad's work.) So excited!

Have a great (rest of) summer!

Mrs. P said...

Analie-- Denis did NOT mention it-- how cool! That's one of those Life Experiences, Kiddo, so treasure it. 1984 and 451 both stay with you forever, so I'm glad you're reading them. I haven't read Things Fall Apart, so let me know your thoughts when you're done. Oh, and I forgot to talk to you about Bluebear; I obviously still have it and haven't finished reading it yet-- I am so sorry. It kept getting pushed back; it still is, unfortunately. I would LOVE to finish it when I'm done with the book club book reading, so if you'll trust me to return it when I'm done, let me know. If you are anxious about it and want it back now, I'll drop it off at your house or the location you choose. Just let me know!

Rachael--What a great summer you're having as well! I'm very happy for you guys. And learner's permits, already? Say it ain't so. :) Clear the roads, everybody! There's trouble afoot. Or acar. Whatever. :)

Gotta go walk the dog and lounge at the pool now. Stay in touch everyone!
Mrs. P

Roshon said...

Ack...forgot to check back here again. ^^' Sorry for late replies~

Whoa, driver permits? Very cool! :D I'll start staying off the sidewalks! Actually, new drivers here aren't as scary as people in China. Think of the road lines as...suggestions.
That's a shame about your classes/camps, though. They sounded like fun. I don't go to many summer camps(except when my mom for-*cough* er, requests that I go to one) and the one I did choose of my own accord was canceled. D;
Paper Daughter sounds interesting...I'll have to look for that one. ^^ And are those two books part of the Silver Creek book list too, or are they just reading them? I haven't started either one yet,(still need to find a copy of Things Fall Apart) and have really just been working on my room....
And thank you. :) It was definitely quite the cultural experience! I haven't been to Wyoming yet, but that sounds pretty fun! Lake trips with the family can be really nice~ ^^

Happy birthday to you and your brothers if I forget to come on the blog before then!

~Ms. Pulley,
Yes, it was definitely an experience to remember. :D
I also want to pick up George Orwell's Animal Farm, which Denis' dad informed me was similar to 1984, but I haven't been to very many bookstores as of late. *cough*
Aha, it took me a minute to figure out what you meant about the Bluebear book...gosh, I'm going to have to remember what happened in that book....But it's no problem on returning it~ if you finish it before the summer's end you can drop it off at my house or whatever. You'all can come an' visit us in the country. ;)

Happy Independence Day, Birthday, and possibly anything else I'm missing!

Kaari said...

So far my summer has been pretty busy, I've been to a church camp and went to Mexico for a week. Already missing the pool there!While on vacation I read a book called the City of Glass, which is the third book in a series! Amazing series I totally recomend it!
My mom really enjoys Things Fall Apart, she's an english teacher and teaches it every year, so anyone who's going to read it start with high expectations!
Rachael, so sorry your camps got canceled, know just how you feel. Analie, that is so cool. Going to China is one of the many places I've decided to go before I retire. Mrs. P, glad your summers been relaxing! I like what you did with the blog design. I loved Fire to! Had to reread it before I turned it back in!

Can't wait to start Altona Summer Book Club!


Kukulkan said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am now officially on summer break, now that summer school is over.

You Palmers take it easy on the road and wear your seatbelts.

I want to go to China!!!! Sounds like a fun trip.

Kaari, my wife tells me everyday..."I want to go back to Mexico" I know how you feel. Nothing to do but read, relax, and play beach volleyball!!!

I myself am going back to VA and NC in a couple of weeks to see mt younger brother get married and meet my new nephew and say hi to my two nieces...who I never get to see because they are 1800 miles away. Then I get to go to the beach and relax....

Enjoy the rest of your summers!!!

Garrison said...

Wow Analie I have always wanted to go to China so I am jealous!

That's too bad Rachael that your classes were cancelled but backpacking, rock climbing, and rafting sounds like a lot of fun (sounds like way more fun than boy scout camp!)I could get a drivers permit for a while now but I have been to lazy to take classes lol

Kaari that's awesome you went to Mexico where in Mexico did you go?

As for me, sorry for taking so long to reply! Things have been going good for me I have been doing a lot of running so I'm happy :D and I will be going to New Mexico for a family reunion my Grandma is turning 80!

Ms.P I have to say that I do enjoy the summertime look to the blog very enjoyable! I still have only finished two Blue Spruce nominees, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Identical. Identical is pretty disturbing but it is still a good book. As for Diary of a Wimpy kid I love the whole series but I don't think it should win a Blue Spruce award.

I am currently reading Under the Dome by Stephen King and it is an interesting book but very long I have never read a book over 1000 pages! I am also reading about the Paul Mccartney is Dead conspiracy, I know it is most likely a hoax but it is still interesting!

nathan said...

451 is truly remarkable, I can barely put it down.

Driving will be delayed for me, because I am starting my JOB of the fifth! I will be boy scout camp staff, in Wyoming!

I am going to Washington DC this august, and get to see the International Spy Museum!

Sometime soon we will be going hot air ballooning!

I can't wait to get my learners permit, and can't wait to be @ SCHS!!!!!!

Rachael said...

For such a short entry, you sure had a lot of exclamation points, Nathan. :)

Anyway, yes, I will wear my seat belt. I'm not comfortable in a car without one anyway. Glad I'm not learning to drive in China with "suggested" road lines. My mom learned how to drive on abandoned Wyoming roads where she could go forever without seeing another car.

I read and finished Of Mice and Men over my vacation. It's a good read. I really enjoyed it. It's also MUCH shorter than Owen Meany. (Bonus!)

I am excited to go to Washington D.C., there's so much to do there. I am really looking forward to THE mall and all the monuments/memorials there. And there's a ton of museums too...excited! We get to spend 2 days in the Smithsonian.

History fact: Did you know that the deceased Abraham Lincoln was in the basement of his tomb for about a year because of grave robbers? He had all these people visiting his tomb, and his body was actually in the basement of his tomb in either a shallow grave or covered in scrap wood. He was moved almost 11 times too. (Incredible what you learn on History Channel.)

I agree with you Garrison, the Diary of a Wimpy kid are enjoyable books but not Blue Spruce books...

As for traveling, the only time I've been out of the country is to Canada, twice. Once to British Columbia this year and when I was in like 2nd grade to Niagra Falls. (Did you know that Niagra Falls gets two inches shorter every year because of all the water over it?) I'm full of facts today. :) I really want to go to Mexico, Venice, and Europe. Next year at Spring Break I am going to Guatamala on a mission trip if all goes well!

Keep posting!

Rachael said...

Apparently I jinxed it when I said "Keep posting!" so stop posting. STOP STOP STOP!!!!
P.S. I'm going to camp for a week! TTYL!

Roshon said...

Sorry, I kept putting of writing a response....Amazingly, I have not read a lot since my last post...I finished Things Fall Apart in the last few days, and despite the words of some of my friends that it was a horrible book about yams and filicide((just learned that word~ you learn something new every day!)), I thought it was very good myself. It was certainly very...African-culture(d?), but I rather enjoyed it myself. A good, but sad read.

Supposedly there's an assignment that goes with that book that you can start on now, so I need to check in on that, but I'm interested to see what we'll be studying in Social Studies, being that this is our first assignment. And I'd like to visit China again, some time in the future. ^^

Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip. ^^ Yours' sounds fun too, though!

After I got back from China I enrolled in some Drivers' Ed classes at Altona with a friend and they are very boring to say the least. And I third the Diary of a Wimpy Kid part...the book is really cute and funny, but Blue Spruce? I saw Under the Dome in Borders a few weeks ago, if I had the cash at the moment, I'd look into getting it. It looked quite good.... ^^
And oh-ho! Conspiracies are always fun...kehkehkeh~!

Somehow, during packing all of my crap into boxes for my room(which I'm still working on, aha.), I seem to have misplaced my Fahrenheit I need to find that, because something tells me that the library won't have them in stock by the time I come looking for one....What did you think of Things Fall Apart, though?

Supposedly in other countries it's worse, aha. ^^' But their driving system actually really works out, because there, they learn to expect anything, where here, we are expecting the person next to us to follow to the rules and when they don't, we have an occurrence of road raeg(yes, raeg.). In China, if the bus pulls a U-turn in the middle of the street, they just wait and then get on with it. Though walking across the street was a bit of a hazard....
And funnily, I've actually seen that documentary!
Canada's cool, though! (Eh!)I haven't been to Canada, though I hear it is quite beautiful! I'd really like to travel Europe...actually I really just want to get out of America right now and go live somewhere new, but I don't think that will be happening until college. ^^;
But if we're spreading around funfacts, here's one for you~ While we were in China, almost all of the cities we went to had a population over(most double) the size of all of Colorado, which around 5 million. Now, the Baltic country of Estonia(west of Russia and south of Finland, if you need a visual.:) ) has a population of about 1.3 million! Yet, Skype, which had over 500 million users in 2009, was created by Estonian developers.

Sorry if this is a little lengthy...I hope people come back on before school starts!((Did you know that some people start this week? One of my friends in Castle Rock is starting this week, wow!))


Mrs. Carter said...

I love reading your posts, Everyone! I've been in the library since 8/2, getting things up and running but I don't think we'll be 100% ready by next Wednesday. Close, though.
I started the Vladimir Tod series and am enjoying them. Light and fun. Also, read The Rock and The River about a young boy in Chicago during the Civil Rights movement, caught between his peaceful civil rights leader Dad and his Black Panther brother. Really good!
Read Beautiful Creatures and LOVED it. Incarceron, one of our new books, was about a prison and quite interesting.
Next, I want to tackle the Maximum Ride series cause they look excellent.
So many books, so little time.
Miss all of you. Come say "hi" sometime...
Mrs. C.

Roshon said...

Hello, Ms. Carter! Nice to hear from you~ ^^ I had Niwot's Registration day today(apparently being in Symphony threw off my schedule enough that I have classes with like none of my friends!) and the library there looks quite nice. ^^
Those sound like very interesting reads, though! And the Maximum Ride series is great- though it lost my attention towards the last few books....If you like those, though, may I suggest When the Wind Blows? That is also a James Patterson book and it came before the Maximum series, but is more adult-ish. But I love that one(and it's sequel, The Lake House), I've read both several times.

I still haven't been reading much this summer....Someone I met online suggested some philosophy-related books to me(er, well, we were talking about philosophy and communism and The Singing Revolution and all that good stuff...), which I'm interested in looking in to. One is called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig, and the other is the translated version of The Stranger, by Albert Camus.
I'll definitely try and stop by some time~ I hope you guys are getting over your grief of missing all of us wonderful students enough to work. ;)


Mrs. Carter said...

Analie, we're trying oh-so-hard to be strong in the absence of you wonderful students!
You should try The Tao of Pooh, if you want to look into some philosphy-esque books. I read it a while back and enjoyed it.
Hope to see you all soon.

Roshon said...

Yes, I've often heard that that is a very good book. ^^ I was actually looking at it in Borders a few weeks ago....


Rachael said...

Yeah, I've heard of that book too, but never got my hands on it.
I'm a little frustrated because they changed my summer reading assignments half way through the instead of reading five books I have to read three books that take place in another country, written by a foriegn author, etc. Owen Meany doesn't fit after I was taking such good notes! Erg. And I have to do reports too! Erg.

Hope you're enjoying Niwot. I miss you, and Steve and Drew and everyone else. I went to Niwot Elementary so I know a ton of people there!

Roshon said...

Ouch, that doesn't sound fun...hope you made your dead-line, though. ^^
I like the school, but some of the people scare me, aha....I don't see many of my friends...

Hope Silver Creek is nice, though. :)