Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pizza and Movie party tomorrow!

Hey guys!

Check your email, or have your parents check theirs; I just sent one out detailing tomorrow's 3rd period events. Allow me to reiterate a key point, however: I will NOT be providing desserts! If you guys want something sweet, please consider bringing your own or providing enough to share. :)

Mrs. P


Kaari said...

Sorry guys, havn't been on the blog in forever due to end of the year craziness. Anyway, I can bring in drinks not sure about dessert though. I might be able to bring cookies...

Roshon said...

Ahh, I'd bring something, but I'm not sure if I'll have time tomorrow. I'll try and get up early to make something, m'kay? ^^


Maya said...

i forgot about the meeting :( but i will come on monday

Garrison said...

Wanted to check to see what everyone is reading but it looks like no one is on the blog :/ my goal is to read all of the Blue Spruce nominated books currently I have 2 read 19 to go!