Monday, February 8, 2010

Bookies, let's pick something different.

All right, we're having WAY too much trouble hunting down copies of ABC Murders, so I'm demanding we pick a different book. :) I'm also issuing an edict that from now on we only pick books that I know I can get enough copies of to take care of everyone! :) So, the book I wanted to pick next, Leviathan, is not widely available yet... I'm hoping the book fair will have it, and then I'll pick up a set of them. Until then, anything you guys are dying to read? I know you wanted a mystery, but I say we open it back up to anything and everything. Any ideas?

Mrs. P


JAD said...

...Yeay First post!!! jk. Wellll There are several different books we can pick....Give me some time and ill see if i can find something cool!!!


Maya said...

awww man! i guess i'll read the A.B.C. murders on my own:(

Roshon said...

Grrr, watch it, Joel. Although, actually, you guys aren't as bad as it could be...some people just go 'First Post! FTW!' and that's it...*sniff*

Anyways < smalltalk>I hope I'm not the cause for this... :(

Hmm, well, I'd personally suggest something deep and thoughtful like *coughParadisLostorBraveNewWorld,bothofwhichivebeenmeaningtoread*, but I have a feeling that might not be what is being searched for...
So historical fiction, anyone? ^ ^ Or Terry Pratchett? I love his writing stlye- so humorous! Or, or, The Alchemist might open some great discussion!

Or I'll open up another one that I (ah, did read recently, but I'm more than happy to reread) really enjoy...Varjak Paw(S.F. Said)!

Sorry, got excited there...but I'm happy on whatever we pick!


garrison said...

Awwww but I already checked it out :( well I guess I will read that book anyway! Oh and BTW idk If anyone knows but The Hunger Games won the Blue Spruce Award I am so happy about that :). I have been sugesting Unwind for a bit it was a blue spruce nominee but I don't know if it is a Mystery or not but I am open to reading anything

Rachael said...

Hmm...good books...good books...
I know a lot of good books, but not sure people would be excited to read them...but I'll give my two cents...
1. The Secret Life of Bees

2. His Majesty's Dragon (Mr. Mehsling gave me it but I'm STILL not finished... great book.)

3. The Lovely Bones? (Sounds interesting, and the movie is coming out.)

4. Something shakespeare?

Rachael said...

Ok I've been thinking and my friends outside of bookclub keep bugging me to read Fablehaven. I don't know how popular it is so I have no clue if anyone has already read it, let alone finding copies. I've read about half of the first book. And the last one is apparently coming out in March.
(my friends are obsessed over this book series)
(Nathan no comment....)

Roshon said...

Yeah, I was happy to hear it as the winner. ^^ It definitely deserves it. Although, it is nice to see the underdog come up top too...

My mom read The Secret Life of Bees, and said it was very good, so I'll be interested to maybe read that. ^ ^ Another suggestion I came up with is The Life of Pi, which is another book my mom read and I've been meaning to read for a while...I've heard very good things about it.

My mom really likes the My Majesty's Dragon series. :) And I thought The Lovely Bones sounded very good too. I think there was a little content notice for those who care, but I haven't heard too many great things about the movie...well, RottenTomatoes didn't say it was very good, but their reviews are often very...mixed.


Garrison said...

Oh Secret Life of bees sounds like a good book I would want to read that. The Lovely Bones I heard was really good too. I don't really want to read Fablehaven honestly though

Roshon said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ms. Pulley! :D

I read the jacket of Fableheaven from Justine's book(although it was like no. 4 or something) and it sound interesting...


Rachael said...

Well, I don't think we can read the Secret Life of Bees because, as it turns out, it's on the 8th grade reading list. So 8th grade bookies get to read it later. :)
Just keeping the options open. I'm pretty flexible.