Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bookies, Let's meet Friday!

All right, so let's do our initial meeting this Friday during 8th grade lunch-- will that work for you guys? I can spring you out of SSR as needed... oh wait, I just remembered that we get a lot of SSR classes in during that first SSR time. So let me check the library reservations tomorrow and see what's what. But we'll call it a tentative plan until otherwise notified.

If you haven't already done so (Rachael, Kenneth, Jamia!), come on in and sign out a book. I'm still trying to dig up books for teachers, so we'll see what I can do. I'm excited we're doing this!

Speaking of excited, I haven't seen much enthusiasm for watching Inkheart. Are you guys in a take-it-or-leave-it mode? If so, I'll just send it back from whence it came. :) Let me know.

That's me for tonight. Hope you guys are doing well!

Mrs. P


Roshon said...

I keep thinking that I have something on Friday...hurr

If we do watch Inkheart, could we do it on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday? Those are no work days and maybe I could sneak in some work during the movie...XD

And I thought you were going to make the teachers buy their own books...?


Ms Pulley, I think I left Catching Fire in the library...so if you picked up a stray copy...er, that would be mine...I'll look for it tomorrow while aiding if it was reshelved.

Everchanging said...

When is lunch? I might be able to come for the book discussion, drop in and say hi. Regardless, I think I'm coming for a visit Friday. :)

Rachael said...

Umm...Friday should be good for me. I dont' thing that has any conflict.

Oh! But we have to be really good about when we end the discussion this year because if I'm late to Jazz band 3 times I'm out. (It's a big step up from last year.) So, that's my only concern.

And, I am so behind.
1.) Do we need to read at all before friday?

2.)I didn't know teachers were getting the books. Can someone fill me in?

But hey, I'm excited! It looks like a good book!

Roshon said...

Yay! ^ ^ It would be good to see you again! XD

Oh...were we supposed to be reading? I'm a little swamped on books right now....^^;


Mrs. P said...

. Lulu, the meeting tomorrow will be from 11:20ish-11:50ish. We would love to see you, of course, but this is going to be just an assigning pages-type meeting, no big whoop. :) So come whenever!
2. No, no pages assigned yet; we're meeting just to get reacquainted and figure how how far we can get for the first *real* meeting.
3. There are some staff members (Mr. Mehsling, Mr. Thibault, Mr. Butler, Mrs. Burch, Mr. Custis, Mrs. Menihan, Mrs. Bahrenburg, and Mrs. Hardoin) who are seriously considering joining us. I have tracked down enough ILL books to supply them; they'll be here on Monday. They will be particpating in the blog discussions here with us since many of them cannot attend the meetings. Therefore, we'll be doing a lot more blogging about the books than we have in the past, I think. We'll see how it all plays out!
4. Analie, did you find Catching Fire?
That's it for now-- see you guys tomorrow!
Mrs. P

JAD said...

CATHING FIRE!!! you like those books too analie, cool! so far this year my favaroite book is The Hunger Games (and i've read 8 books this school year) and im going to start Cathing Fire reall soon.

Friday may work because there is a chance i wont be at school on friday....sorry. But if i dont go ill send a message with garrison :(

The book seems very cool. and yeah im still excited about the movie inkheart. who else????

Thats all i have to say guys so see yeah...!


Roshon said...

Whew! BookClub is much larger....and I never passed Jamia in the halls today...so I couldn't pass on your message Ms. Pulley, unfortunatly.

I'm fine with more computer blogging...that where I'm on most of the time anyways, haha. I did find it, but I'm trying to remember what happened last time...and unfortunatly there are no more Hunger Game books in the library...oh well.

I think my favorite I've read this year is Robota...:)

Are you sick Joel? Oh yeah, you weren't in Math today...hurr, you missed quite an interesting event of trying to get the stapler unjammed, haha.


Kaari said...

Mrs.P I would like to watch Inkheart. Oh, and tomorrow during SSR would work fine. I'll tell Mrs. Campbell. Also, I've never heard of Catching Firefly, is it good?


Garrison said...

Hi people I just woke up and felt like checking the blog! Idk if joels coming cause he might have h1n1 or just the regular flu. And yeah...... I wish I had more to say but I really don't!