Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mockingbird Update

Hi Bookies!
Just a quick update before our face-to-face tomorrow! I forgot to bring my book today so that I could give specific information, so one of you will have to fill in the gaps for me please. We were to read to chapter 18, correct? And what page would that be in your copies, exactly? How are we doing? Are we ready to discuss?

And do you guys have anything specific you would like to discuss? Questions, comments? If you can, post them here so we can ponder the answers before tomorrow's meeting.

Hope you're enjoying the book as much as I am!
Mrs. P


Rachael said...'s the info I can give.

We were reading TO chapter 18, which starts on page 178. Currently, I am at that page and am ready to discuss. So, let the questions begin.

I have a couple questions/comments:
1. What time period is the book?

2. It still bugs me that the people take the Ewells side.

3. It also makes me sad that the African pastor feels the need to call Jem and Scout Mr. and Miss., and I'm assumming that's just because they're white. And that the people gave up their front seats for them.

4. I was a little puzzled about the red garnaniums, (is that what they're called?) in the Ewells yard. It also mentioned they were Mayella, the little girl in the case. It made me sad that she has pride but...I don't know, she seems stuck. I think I'm starting to agree with the whole "it could have been Mr. Ewell" thing. And, it kills me that he would do something like that to his girl and Tom Robinson.


P.S. I would have posted sooner but I was gone since school got out and then I had to read one more chapter and read more in my book for English...but I still did it first!

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Sorry I'm posting so late.....almost forgot!
Really enjoying this book! ^ ^ Can't wait to finish it (in th good way)!
I'm not sure if these are questions that can be directly answered, but....
~I keep thinking about the tree.....I'm wondering if it will come into play later....I just felt like maybe its part isn't over...
~I'm wondering if the "to Kill A Mockingbird" is refering to Atticus' defendent, Tom, is it? (blah, swear I have shortterm memory loss....) I'm just thinking that they say you should never kill a mockingbird because they sing so sweetly and never harm a thing, I think it was...and Tom never did anything, so he is like sweet and inoccent....or something like that.....
~I like the African American seems more like a family than a stiff church that I feel the "white's" church is portrayed as....but I"m not sure....once again I can not remember that far.... O.O


Rachael said...

Yeah...good thinking Analie!
I was wondering about the comment/foreshadowing about 'its a sin to kill a mockingbird," thing, and I think you're on to something!

I didn't like how the pastor of the african american church wouldn't let them leave without getting 10 dollars, but it's a good cause!


rACHAEL said...

Okay, I would like to comment. It is pretty impossible for Tom Robinson to have done it because his left hand is severely crippled! And erg!!!!!
He he.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

I agree with Rachael! I still have to finish our chapters, but I got to the point where they gave the verdict that Tom was guilty! (I think.....O.o) Such predjudices!!!!


Augh! I just realized that I forgot to use stickies....and I had a comment or a question somewhere too....darn....

Mrs. Pulley said...

Putting up another post, everyone, so let's move this week's conversation there!
Mrs. P