Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Club Update

So we met Friday as planned, and I think we had a good discussion about chapters 1-9 in the book. Some questions we pondered were

1. Why do you think Jem, Dill and Scout make a game of Boo Radley's life?
2. What do you think the items left in the knothole say about the person who left them there?
3. Why does Jem cry when the knothole gets cemented over?

I can't remember the rest. :)

We discussed a quote that I think is on p. 59 in your books discussing Egyptian inventions-- "delete the adjectives and then you have the facts"-- something like that. Did you figure out what that meant?

I also mentioned that there is all sorts of language and phrasing in here that might be confusing or hard to understand; if you guys run into stuff (vocabulary, phrases, whatever) that you don't get, please get clarification! You can either comment here on the blog, come find me in the library, or of course ask your folks! As I've told before, this book was not written as a children's book, so I would expect that you would need some help along the way.

Hope you're enjoying it-- we're getting to the meat of the story, now! We'll meet again this Friday after reading up to chapter 13 (that is what we decided, correct? One chapter after Pt. 2 starts?); let's try to get everyone there. And yes, we WILL watch the movie when we finish the book, so we better get cracking!
Mrs. P

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blue wolves and mushrooms said...

I've been enjoying this book immensly, and have a been a good person and have not read on! :D

Another question we did was when Atticus had been talking to Walter over lunch and we were talking about his message, something like walk a day in their shoes...something close to that....