Friday, March 6, 2009

Mrs. P's Latest and Greatest!

So I read this book for my adult book club (my pick, so of course I picked a YA novel!), and everyone in the club surprised themselves by really liking it! I thought it was a really well done first novel. I hope she writes a follow-up to it soon. :) Katsa is a strong female heroine and a good character for girls (and boys!). This is one of the best fantasy books I've read in a while. 4 stars! :)


JAD said...

I havent read this book but i am always open for new things:). And taking about knew books does anybody know if Jamia is done with the book ( I highly doubt that the movie is still on) so we can start on a new book?


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Wow, looks good! Ugh... I have to get up to the library soon....between orchestra and homework I've been so busy!!!
Would you say that a seventh grader *like me* could read the book? It looks good...


Everchanging said...


I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been busy.

But I read the book last week right after "Hunger Games", and consequently was confused with the two names Katniss and Katsa.

I just thought it strange that I read two books about independent girls good at surviving in the same weekend.

It was fairly good. I thought the character development could have gone further, and maybe brought some insight into my life (because that's the books I read now :P). I liked how neatly everything was tied up but disliked the predictability of plot.

Doesn't it remind you of Tamora Pierce's books? Speaking of which...when is the next Beka Cooper coming out?

I'm also actually glad that it's stand alone (for now) since I don't have time to obsess over series these days.

Mrs. Pulley said...

Good to hear from you, everchanging! I'm glad HS is keeping you busy. :) I see your points about Graceling, but I guess you are not as easily entertained as I am-- I enjoyed it thoroughly! The independent girl aspect was such a fresh approach after Bella's (Twilight) popularity, that it took this book a long way for me. Granted I really enjoyed Twilight, but by the end of the third one I wanted to wring her neck. B.D. didn't help much, either-- she has to become more than human to be strong? Pu-lease.
I haven't gotten around to Hunger Games yet; I'll put it on my summer reads, maybe, if you recommend it.

Analie, I do have it labeled YA due to one sex scene in it. It's not terribly graphic, but it definitely assumes a bit of maturity from its audience. Therefore, since you are in 7th grade, I leave that decision to you and your parents! :)

Joel, I wonder about boys reading this... Girls read books where the main characters are male all the time, but it seems to be a hard sell to get boys to buy in to female main characters. Why is that? If you decide to try this book out, let me know what you think!
Mrs. P

Mrs. Pulley said...

Oh and hey, everchanging, Bloodhound's release date is posted in the Coming Soon section; I think it's 4/29!

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Mrs. Pulley,

Thanks for your input! I think I'll read it if I have time...I haven't really read a lot this weekend, and I want to get through the Audacity book first...(which has been excellent, by the way... :P )

Haha, I understand about the Bella thing....she had OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder), haha, I'm kidding...kind of.

And I thought that The Hunger Games was pretty good...but I can't say that it was my favorite book....It was entertaining and captivating for sure.... but I'm not sure....there was just something..... *shrugs* it's probably just my personal opinion might like it or you might not. Personal taste.

Oh, and about the maturity thing, that's not terribly bad. In a way, you could say that Breaking Dawn is worse because it DIDN'T have any details, thus leaving one to imagine... (my mom said that, by the way... not me!)Haha, and I've read worse....heheh.....well, James Patterson IS a great writer....

I haven't read the book, but I'm sure it would also depend on personal matter, Joel... I know many boys who have read Twilight (and even one who liked it!) so if you want to, you can always stop if you don't like it.

By the way, hey Everchanging! We miss you at the piano! ;D


Everchanging said...

Lol, Analie, I miss playing piano, too!

Mrs. Pulley, I did enjoy Graceling, but now I've found a difference between my favorite books and good books. :) Hunger Games is definitely worth the read--the next book is hopefully coming out soon.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

*laughs* I love playing the piano... and I have to admit, it does sound a little lonely without you or Ms. Butler behind the piano! Now we only play with a piano accompament (haha, I probably spelled that wrong...) during the last few days to our concert....but anyways, I'm off topic.

I think I will difinitely have to check it out soon! But I haven't been up to the library in forever and a day! :D I was going to come up today, but an event consisting of puzzels and ripped up paper occured that....uh...kept me away from the library...tomorrow will bring better luck, hopefully....