Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inkheart Book Club Begins!

And so we embark on a new adventure! Alas, however, I have no book, so I will be behind you guys unless I can get to the library tonight (highly unlikely). All right, bookies-- my new nickname for you-- let's read to p. 204, chapter 20 entitled "Snakes and Thorns" by the end of break. Is that good with everyone? And let's try to post comments periodically when we read something interesting, confusing, wonderful, etc. :)

And also, let's welcome Jamia to the club; she's got a book and hopefully she'll be posting soon.

Happy holidays to one and all!
Mrs. P

Monday, December 1, 2008

Book Club News

All right, after a bit of delay, I now have my copy of the book. :) I think we said we'd try to get halfway by mid-week at some point this week; that would put us on page 130, chapter 14. Could we do that by Wednesday? If so, could you guys come in a little early for a discussion? It's a late-start day, so we could get together at say 10:00-10:15 and have a nice, relaxed meeting. I'll start the book tonight, and it shouldn't be a problem to crank it out. I read pretty fast!

Let me know ASAP if you can come in Wednesday at 10:15. If someone can't make it, we'll reschedule for a better time.

Thanks everyone!
Mrs. P

Alex Rider!

I had a request from Raptor to set up a discussion area for the Alex Rider books which I was happy to do. So, who has read these and what do you think of them?! I personally have not read them yet, but I have them on my list. :) It's a long list, you know. Anyway, I found this this cool website that is dedicated to Alex Rider along with a pretty extensive author website that I will also add to the author area below.

Question: Did anyone see the movie version of Stormbreaker?

Mrs. P

Are You Ready for the New Moon Movie?!

Hey Twilight Fans!
I know, I know-- Twilight is still in the theaters and I'm already pushing the sequel. I'll not deny the fact that I found Twilight the movie a bit disappointing; with no budget, those special effects suffered, didn't they? And that would be why I'm looking forward to the sequel! Hopefully the studio will see the benefits to giving the creators more money... here's to wishing, anyway. While trying to glean some info about New Moon, I stumbled upon this cool blog that is dedicated to all things New Moon Movie and such-- click here to find out the latest and greatest about the progress of bringing the story to the big screen. There are also cool pics of Volterra, Italy and footage of Tyler Lautner (Jacob) participating in a martial arts competition.

So here are my questions about this-- How do you think they will get Edward more into the New Moon story (I can't imagine they will let a sequel go by without having Rob Pattinson front and center, do you?)? Also, who has been on Meyer's website and read Midnight Sun (if you haven't, you really should!)?

Mrs. P