Friday, February 15, 2008

Requested Forum-- The Overland Chronicles

Hiya Rattlers!
Payton requested a forum to discuss The Overland Chronicles with fans of the series. I have not read these books yet, but I do know they are very popular. The title of this post is hyperlinked to the info about the books. Payton, it's your turn-- tell all the other Rattler Readers why you like these books so much!

Mrs. P


Payton Peterson said...

Hey Guys,

Gregor The Overlander is a great book for the people who enjoy action packed books. Gregor is a 10 year old boy who has a little 3year old sister. They then accidentally fall down a tunnel to the underland. The Underland is filled with cockroaches, giant spiders, and the dreaded rats. Gregor then makes lots of friends and finds out he is in a prophecy written by a guy named Sandwhich. He has to battle the rats who stand 6 feet tal with hige claws. This book is great for everyone (except if you hate spiders. It is filled with fantasy, and action, a must read for most readers.

-Payton Peterson

Anonymous said...

Just asking Mrs. P but are you going to get Superior Saturday(6th book in the keys to the kingdom), Raven Rise (Pendragon, book 9) and The Final Warning (Maximum Ride, book 4 out march 17, 2008), or The Time Paradox(Artemis Fowl, book 6)?

Anonymous said...

whoops, I didn't mean to put the and before The Final Warning Mrs. P. And also are you going to get the book Bloodhound? (2nd book of the Tamora Pierce's Terrier)

Mrs. Pulley said...

Hi anonymous!
None of these books are out yet, but I have added them to my Coming to the Library Soon list on the right-hand side of the blog main page. I will order them as soon as they're available; thanks for making me look into when they are coming out!
Mrs. P