Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Book Club Forum-- Code Talker

Hi Book Club members!
As I asked, please leave a brief biography of yourself (autobiography? :)) in the comments section of this posting. Answer the following to get you started:
1. Name or blogger name
2. Grade
3. Favorite genre
4. Favorite book
5. Favorite hobby or sport or video game or whatever!
All right, let's get started!
Mrs. P


Mrs. Pulley said...

Let's all try to be to p. 146 by Friday, 8am and meet again!
Mrs. P

nathan said...

1. Name or blogger name

2. Grade
sixth grade

3. Favorite genre

4. Favorite book
how am I supposed to chose a favorite book, what torture :)

5. Favorite hobby or sport or
video game
ditto :)`

Mrs. Pulley said...

1. Mrs. P (a.k.a. Mrs. Pulley)

2. Teacher-Librarian, ATMS

3. Tough call! I like fantasy for my brain candy, realistic fiction and historical fiction for educational fun, and nonfiction to make me think. :)

4. To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

5. I am an avid tennis player, but I like to compete in all sorts of stuff. I hike; I read; I play with my cat. :)

Rachael said...

Hello! My name is Rachael.
I am in sixth grade. (Nathan is my brother)
My favorite book(s) are the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter.
Favorite genre is fantasy, and relistic made up (real term escaping me)
I am on the swim team, love to read, play my instruments, and write.
So far I am loving Code Talker

Amber said...

1. Hey Guys my name is Amber
2. I am in 10th grade
3. Hmm my favorite genre would have to be fantasy by far ^-^
4. Oh i cant pick a favorite book. There are so many good ones out there.
5. Im a competitive figure skater. I LOVE reading and im also a writer. Love to write poetry (im published woot)
I go to LHS and loved Code Talker. Im totally excited to discuss this book with you guys.

Garrison said...

name:Garrison Bennet

grade: sixth grade

Favorite gerne:horrer

favorite book: diary of a whimpy kid seris

favorite hobby: writing books

Rachael said...

Hello! This is Rachael again. Code Talker is so awesome! I am loving it! Sometimes it gets confusing when the author throws in "grandchildren" in the middle of the sentence. You forget that he is telling a story, you know? But it is a great book, that I don't think I would have tried unless we were doing this online book club. This is a great idea!

Joanne said...

1. Ms. Meester, (a.k.a. Ms. M)
2. Teacher Librarian, LHS
3. Favorite genre - fantasy/sci-fi,
but I read most genres except perhaps romance.
4. A favorite book is "The House of the Spirits", by Isabel Allende.
5. Favorite hobbies include walking, hiking, running, skiing, reading of course, and learning.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm Tamara (or Tami.)
I'm in tenth grade and loving it!
I don't really have a "favorite genre", I like everything from fantasy, to adventure. As long as it's good enough of a read to keep me hooked, I'm down!
Well SOME of my favorite books are the books by Stephanie Mayer, Harry Potter (of course), Fire Bringer, The Sight, Pirates!, and many many more.
Hobby-wise, I play the violin, swim competitively, sail, and play video games.

So TA-DA! A brief summery of me! Chat me up
= ]

Ali said...

1. Ali T.
2. 7th
3. Favorite genre= cant list all of them!
4. Favorite book=uglies series
5. Favorite hobby or sport or video game mario

Anonymous said...

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