Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can we finish To Kill a Mockingbird?

The books are actually overdue, so we really need to get them back.  What are the chances you guys can finish up by Thursday, May 1st?  I'll post up some discussion questions to finish the book early next week.  We can have our regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, and then start watching the movie!

Give me a Yay or a Nay here, please...

Mrs. P


Richelle Kelly said...

It should work out for me. I'm really behind, but I can try and make it.

Tsauvageau7 said...

I'm on page 210 i believe, but I think i'll be able to read quite a bit of it and hopefully finish it by the next meeting. It takes some work for me to start reading it, but once I start I can't stop =D I had to use my gmail account to submit this so, this is Taran.

Divya Bhat said...

Well, I already finished the book, so of course it works for me. A lot happens towards the end of the book and it really speeds up. I'm really excited to watch the movie!!!!!

Christian Bradley said...

Same as Divya, I finished, so no prob.

Dhruv Patel said...

Divya and I are going to read To kill a mockingbird again. This is are book requirement for 9th grade NPIB books. This book will start tommorow for me and later for Divya. This will be so much easier than before now. ACE IT!!!

P.S. Is there no more book clubs????!!!

Mrs. P said...

Hey Dhruv,

I told you guys you'd have to read it again-- I was hoping it would be in the spring. :) Read carefully, try to pick up new stuff, and report back to me!

Yes, we're still doing book club, although I haven't been able to attend a single meeting (Custis and Richelle Kelly are running it), unfortunately. We're reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton to start. Such a good book! We're using a Google Group to communicate now instead of this blog; we're hoping for better communication, although so far, it's not working any better. What is with you kids?!! :)
You and Divya stay in touch! Would love to hear how you're doing and what you're reading and everything.
Take care,
Mrs. P