Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hey Bookies, what shall we read next?

We finished The Book Thief, and we are ready to move on to our next book!  What are we in the mood for?  Here are some of the titles I threw out there when you guys CHOSE The Book Thief (note the emphasis-- I'm still pretty disappointed that so many of you didn't stick it out after you voted!):

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jason Sonnenblick
Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Schooled (or really any title by Gordon Korman!)
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Those are all linked to Amazon so you can look at the summaries and reviews to see what you think.  Anyone have any other suggestions?  Let's try to find a title that no one has read yet.  If there's something you've been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to yet, post it!  Once you guys have posted responses here, I'll know we're ready to meet and discuss.

Mrs. P


Dhruv Patel said...

Is there any comedy books we can choose? If not, I choose Schooled.
Who is with me?

Eric YI said...

Eon or gregor the overlander seems pretty good or I'm going with to kill a mocking bird.

Eric YI said...

are we meeting this tursday?

Raven moe said...

I don't really want to read any of these books and the only one i like is schooled but i have already read it. I would be glad to read it again.
I'm with Dhruv

Raven moe said...

thanks Dhruv and Eric YI for posting

Alex Stasiak said...

I would like to be in book club and don't really want to read any but schooled if anything.

Zoe Baker said...

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie seems like a good choice, though it may be a heavy book, esp. after The Book Thief.

Divya Bhat said...

I like drums,girls,
and dangerous pies

Anonymous said...

To kill a mocking Bird

Mrs. P said...

Let's save To Kill a Mockingbird for later. It's my favorite book of all time, but it's not an easy read. I like to do it last, and then we watch the movie. :)

The three we'll vote on today (unless I get suddenly inspired with another title) will be:
1. Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie
2. Gregor the Overlander
3. Schooled

We'll discuss them all today and then take a vote! If you need a pass to get to the front of the lunch line, see me ASAP and I'll write one for you.
Mrs. P