Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meeting this Thursday @ 12:05 in Thibault's room!

Hey Bookies!
Has everyone hit the easy-breezy reading goal for this week?  Are you prepared to share and discuss?  I see some of you have done as I asked and posted on the blog comments that have info from your reading role... thanks for that!  Please keep up the good work... and comment back to each other.  :)

I will not be there Thursday; I am acutally gone starting tomrrow afternoon through Friday.  However, Mr. Thibault and Mr. Custis will be there to observe and encourage your conversations about the book.  Remember-- you are in charge! 

Well, you are in charge of almost everything.  We set the next reading goal, which the teachers will share with you at the meeting.  And hey, don't forget-- if you need a pass to get to the front of the lunch line, come see me, Mr. Custis or Mr. Thibault ASAP.  We need you to hustle to the meeting so we can get started!

IMPORTANT:  Bring in your copies of BT to renew them!

I think that's it... Anyone have any questions?

Mrs. P