Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Club Is Starting Up Soon!

Altona Library Book Club-- it's time to fire it up!  How does it work?  Well, it's pretty laid back.  We select a book to read, I hunt down enough copies for all of us and assign weekly reading goals, we meet once a week (it's been Thursdays in the past, but that is subject to change) during 3rd period and discuss the readings.  Then we usually do some sort of celebratory something when we finish it.  :)  If you're interested in joining us, please come to the library and put your name on the Book Club Sheet.

Veteran bookies-- comment here to fill in any details I might have missed, please, and also comment here if you have suggestions for our first novel.  Talk to you guys soon!

Mrs. P

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Jacob B said...

I am so excited hopefully we don't have a repeat of last year...... But anyways Make sure you read too your goal too that is really important! (Don't read past it either.)