Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last discussion questions for this book!

All right, Bookies! We'll begin watching the movie version on Monday, and you will be welcome to attend as long as
a. you've participated on this discussion post, and
b. you have gotten a parent permission slip turned in to me before the movie begins.

Here are some questions for us to discuss:

1. Why did Bruno betray Schmuel? Why was their friendship able to survive this?

2. How would you describe the friendship between Bruno and Schmuel? What makes it a good friendship?

3. When Bruno dresses in the filthy striped pajamas, he remembers something his grandmother once said. "You wear the right outfit and you feel like the person you're pretending to be." (p, 205) How is this true for Bruno? What about his father? What does this statement contribute to the overall meaning of the story?

4. Discuss the moral or message of the novel. What new insights and understandings does John Boyne want the reader to gain from reading this story?

5. Does The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas fill you with despair or hope? Why?

6. Rate this book: 1 stripe (not good) to 5 stripes (excellent, instant classic). Explain why!

6. Questions? Comments?

All right-- let's talk to each other about this!
Mrs. P


Mrs Phillips said...

Yeah! We are finishing the book! Sorry I missed our lunch yesterday.

Knightmare said...

Ms. Pulley what do you mean bruno betrayed shumel i dont remeber he betrayed him what do you mean????

Jacob B said...

Ok so here are my answers for our discussion questions:

1) Personally I think Bruno betrayed Shmeul because he himself did not want to get into trouble and I also think it would make Lt.Kotler Mad.

2)Um....Now I think this is a hard one. It is a very strange friendship,in the beginning of there friendship it is just a person there age to talk to but it continues on to be a full fighting friendship. I think what makes it a good friendship is that it brings them joy to see each other and talk together.

3)I think what the athour is trying to say in this passage is that it could be anyone of us on that side of the fence.Anyone of us dying.

6) I think I would rate this book 5 strips. This is because I thought it was a very interesting and thought progressing novel.

Jacob B said...

Ok I have a question that just came into my brain:

Do you think that Bruno's parents split up (got a devoire) after a tie that Bruno had passes on? Explain.

Do you think the Russians toke Bruno's father way when they liberated the camp?????? Or was it the Nazi's before the end of the war. Explain.

Jacob B said...

Oh yah! I have two suggestions for our new book:
One:The Hunger Games(We at book club on Thursday talked about.)

And Two: Three Cups Of Tee.

Have A Nice Weekend.

Jacob B said...

Ello? Anybody there plz get ON BLOG!

Jacob B said...

Please.......Please, Post I really want of u to watch the movie and plus I want to talk about the book. POST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh Mrs Pully can you email everyone and tell them to Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to talk about this awesome book!)

Raven Moe said...

1.bruno betrayed shumel when he said he never saw him before and bruno didnt want to make Lt.kolter mad
2.they have a good friendship and this is because they are totally diffferent and they still agreee to be friends
3.i think it means if you have the right things and determinatation you can be who ever you want
4.the message of the book is you can be friends with anyone no matter what they look like or who they are
5.well bruno had hope to eventually play with shumel and shumel had hope to find papa.
6.absoulutly 5 stripes.

Raven Moe said...

Who else is excited about the movie and the next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob B said...

I am Raven!!!!!!! I liked your discussion question answers, I liked hearing from a different point of view.

Emily k said...

I typed all my answers exept I scrolled up and then they were gone!!!!!!! I know them i promise but i typed them and then they were gone!!!!!!

Jacob B said...

(Then type them again...) Can everybody come to the movie???? I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they dont ruin the movie, the book was so good.

TARANADON! said...

I finished the book!
Here are my answers the the questions!

1. I think that Bruno betrayed Shmuel because Bruno thought that if Lieutenant Kotler knew that he and Shmuel were friends, Kotler would be sure to tell Father and that would be bad.

2. I agree with Jacob. It is a hard question to answer but I would describe their friendship as secret and strong. Secret because no one but Shumel and Bruno know about it and strong because you can tell in the story that they feel very happy when they are talking.

5. This book filled me with both despair and hope because despair for Shmuel because he had to be behind the fence with hardily anything to eat and pretty much being tortured because of his religion but hope because I know that people actually find out that what happened in the Holocaust eventually.

6. I rate this book 4.5 stripes because it was a great story, but it ended sort of abruptly! I wanted it to go on more!
Comments: I love this book but it would have been awesomer if it went on a little longer!

-Taran!! :)

Jacob B said...

I agree with Tarren that the book did end adbrubtly. I wondering why the author did that.

PGIBBS98 said...

I would give this book a 4.5 stripes. I like this book because it had a lot of good descriptions about the camp.

Divya BHat said...

sorry i couldnt get on the blog eirlier but anyway.......
1. I think Bruno betrayed Schmuel becuase he had no other option and their frendship was able to survive this because schmuel understands that bruno had to do this otherwise he would be in great trouble
2. The frendship between schmuel and Bruno is a little different then a normal friendship because they cant actualy play together on different sides of the fence and all they can do is talk. what makes this a good friendship is that they have fun talking to each other and they both have someone to share their hapiness and sadness with
6. I would rate this book 4 and a half stripes because to me this book is very touching and has a lot of discription of many things that make you feal like your in the book!

matthew said...

the moral of the novel i think is no matter how different you are, you can be friends. it doesn't matter on your religion or skin color.

matthew said...

i would give this book 4 stripes. the book had great changing characters and a good moral, but the ending was very upsetting.

matthew said...
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matthew said...

the book filled me with despare because it shows you could lose friend in a few seconds, and you cant do anything about it.

Mrs Phillips said...

1. I think Bruno betrayed Shmuel because he was afraid that the Lieut. Kotler would do to him whatever was done to Pavel.

Mrs Phillips said...

Does anyone think the ending was really fast?

Jacob B said...

I DO! I thought the ending was very fast.

Emily said...


Mollie M. said...

1. he was afraid of getting in trouble with lt. kotler.

2.interesting because bruno didnt really know what schmuel was going through.

4.i think the moral is dont juge a book by its cover and the grass isnt always greener on the other side. makes me think about what they went through in those camps.

6. i give it 5 stripes because it gives us awareness of what happened to these people in these camps.