Monday, April 18, 2011

And we've finished!

Or at least we should have. :) Let's discuss the following here on the blog prior to meeting Thursday. If people are conversing here, we can go right into watching the movie!

1. Why, according to Atticus, does Bob Ewell bear a grudge? Which people does Ewell see as his enemies, and why?
2. What explanation does Atticus give for Bob Ewell's attack? What does Heck Tate give as the reason for the attack? Do you think the sheriff's explanation or Atticus's is the more likely to be true?
3. Is Heck Tate right to spare Boo then publicity of an inquest? Give reasons for your answer.
4. How do the events of the final chapters explain the first sentence in the whole novel?
5. At the end of the novel, Atticus reads to Scout. Comment on his choice of story. Does it have any connection with themes earlier in the novel and in its ending?

All right, guys, your thoughts!
Mrs. P