Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blue Sword Discussion Questions-- to Chapter 6

All right, so who made it to the page goal? Thoughts so far? Questions? 6th graders, we'll take a vote tomorrow to see who wants to pick a different book. Well, I guess we can see if EVERYONE wants a different book! I'm going to post some discussion questions for the first five chapters for those of you who have hit the goal. Let me hear your thoughts!

1. In the first 3 chapters, we meet a great many characters. With the exception of Harry and Corlath, did any other characters make an impression on you and why?

2. From the first three chapters, what are your general impressions of the Homeland vs Damar/Daria and their respective cultures?

3. What is kelar? What sort of things does it do?

4. What do you think of Harry Crewe? Why do you think she handles being kidnapped so well? What do you predict might happen to her next?

Let's start with those. MEETING TOMORROW!

Mrs. P

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Really Anonymous Fellow said...

Mrs. P, I'd like to recommend Illusions by Richard Bach as the perfect book for school reading.