Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Discussion Questions for Sleepy Hollow--Let's discuss them here and at our meeting NEXT THURSDAY, the 20th!

1. Describe Ichabod Crane's character based on what you have read in the story. What type of person is he, exactly? Why do you think this?

2. How does Ichabod differ from Katrina's other suitors?

3. Who are the Hessian soldiers of the American Revolution? Do some research for this one!

4. Contrast Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones. How are they different in physical
appearance? How are their actions different? What would have made Katrina
attracted to each of them?

5. What evidence is there that Ichabod Crane had an active imagination?

6. Who do the villagers believe the headless horseman is? How did he lose his head?
What do the villagers think he is doing out at night? Why is he said to be in such a

7. Here's a big one-- what questions do you have about the story?

Mrs. P


Jaiden C. said...

This was a hard book for me, and I look forward to meeting and discussing them. I was a bit confused at parts, and I wish more people had posted their thoughts.

Autumn said...

I was confused so it might be hard to discuss at least for me, but it was a good book

Jacob said...

I do agree with Jaiden this was i hard book but now after we have meet i feel better about this book.

Jacob said...

By the way will our next meeting the 27th????

Mackenzie said...

I am confused too! Sorry I missed the meeting, I guess II forgot!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can someone tell me if we have meeting today i need to know ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. P said...

YES! Meeting today. :)

Mrs. P said...

Here's what I think:

1. I think that Ichabod, while not a malicious or mean person, is not a particularly good person. He seems to think himself much more charming and wonderful than he really is, and more importantly, he seems to think he's charmed everyone in the village into his same beliefs.
2. In a very basic sense, Brom is very loud and open about his courting, whereas Ichabod realizes he must be sneaky and not alert Brom to his advances.
3. The Hessians were German mercenaries hired by the British to squash the Revolution. They were pretty darn brutal.
4. Ichabod is long, gangly and very skinny, with his clothes bagging and flapping around him. He's not an attractive fellow, having a large nose and big ears. Brom, on the other hand, is a big, burly guy. He's described as having a "Herculean" frame and a very up-for-anything way about him that made him popular. As different as they are in physical features, they are every bit as different action; Brom is a rough-houser, riding his fast horse around with his gang and having a good, carousing time. Ichabod is much more satisfied with eating and conversing with people. He's much more able to show off his superior mental gifts that way! I could definitely see how Katrina might find each charming in their own way...
5. There are lots of examples of his imagination. You guys find them!
6. The villagers think the headless horseman is a Hessian who had his head blown off by a cannon in a Revolutionary battle. They say he rides out looking for his lost head and is always in a hurry to return to the churchyard where he is buried.
7. Specific questions, you guys? Come on now!

Jacob B said...

Hey I have a question about the Blue Sword On Page 3 1 papragraph it has the word Blue Blood, what does that mean??? A penniless Blueblood

Mrs. P said...

Hey Jacob!
Move this question to The Blue Sword post for me, would you? It's a good question, and I want to answer it in the right place!