Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Holidays book(ies) exchange

Hey book club kiddos,

We are meeting tomorrow as usual to discuss HP and where we are in the Deathly Hallows (and to collect permission slips if you haven't already turned yours in!), but here is an early heads-up about our 2nd Annual Winter Break Book Exchange:

1. Everyone brings a book to LEND for reading over break (it will be well taken care of), holiday wrapped and ready for choosing!

2. The book can be either one from your own collection or you may select a library book for your person to check out (meaning YOU check it out, gift wrap it, bring it in and when he/she chooses it, they will in turn check it out to get it off your account).

3. Please try to select something of a manageable size for all-- no War and Peace, no entire Lord of the Rings... you know what I mean! You may, however, select two books if they are very short.

4. Select a book that has meaning to you. Maybe it's a childhood favorite, maybe you read it recently and it's your IT book right now... something that separates it from all the other books you've read!

We will meet Thursday the 16th and do our drawing then. Why don't we make it a Holiday Potluck? Everyone brings in a drink or an eat and we party and exchange books? Sound good?!

Questions? Comments?
Mrs. P

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