Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Deathly Hallows

All right, guys--

There's not much to meet about, so let's talk about our goal for two weeks from now. Do we need to set page goals? Can we just finish the book? What's reasonable?

Your thoughts, please!
Mrs. P


Mrs. C. said...

You ought to finish it so you can see the movie while it's still out. :)
Besides, you have the whole week of Thanksgiving break...
(not like I'm really entitled to an opinion since I'm not in the book group but I'm just sayin')

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

page 466

Anonymous said...

i say up to page 600 so will have a lot to disscuss when we get back

Kaari said...

Um... I say we should just go for it and try to finish. That way we can discuss when we get back and go on our special field trip as soon as possible. We have a whole week off so I think this is okay... if not I'm totally fine with a set page goal/

Camille said...

I think we should try and finish the book by the end of thanksgiving break. It would be best that way since we don't want to take too long and miss the movie entirely. If we are unable to finish it completly, we should at least stop at a point where we would be far enough that the movie would be on what we had read. Anyways, we have the entire Thanksgiving break to read.

Jessica said...

I think we should just try and finish the book so we can disscuss on Thurs. Happy Turkey Break!

Tina said...

I don't know if I will be able to finish it over break, because I already have a few books to finish over break. I will try to, but no promises.

Kukulkan said...

Remember the rules of Book Club

1) Don't talk about Book Club.
2) DO NOT talk about book Club.
3) If someone gets sick, tired or does not reach page goal. Then they suffer any spoils during the discussion
4) One book per person. One person per book.
5)One book at a time
6) you can choose to wear your shoes when you read or not. Unless you are at school, then you must wear your shoes.
7)We will read books until they are finished. To the last page
8)If this is your first time at Book Club...then you must read.

Anonymous said...

I think we should try to finish the book, but for those who read slowly or don't have enough time to finish, should at least finish through chapter 24 ending on page 501 because this is the point where the movie ends (I heard from a person who saw it and I located it in the book).

nathan said...

Mrs. P, I'm starting out of Kaffir boy right now for honor's integrated 9. It is kinda depressing, but the second most thrilling book of historical content I've read, next to the book thief, OF COURSE! Have you read it? Thoughts?

Loved the new HP movie. esp. doby hanging from the chandelier, and the polly-juice-potters at the begining. Can't wait to see u all again!!!!!

Roshon said...

Mr. Custis, I must disagree with Rule 6! My feet were lacking in shoes many times during school! Don't suppress the middle schoolers' freedom!

I can't remember if I mentioned this last time, but I did join one of the bookclubs at Niwot....I usually don't like to really do stuff like that during the first year, but a friend looped me in....For the group I joined(there are several, to accommodate with have two lunches), we're reading Room by Emma Donoghue. I love the plot, though I have to say that my...strong dislike of younger kids can make it kind of hard to read. Not that I really have a choice on the speed that I read the book...didn't really pick it up until Tuesday and the group meets tomorrow.
It's a new book, but I've rather enjoyed it so far~!

Hope people in bookclub enjoyed Harry Potter!

Rae said...

I would just like to add that this movie did by FAR the best job of sticking with the book. They even used some of the same dialogue! You'll love it!

Mrs. P said...

Nathan, I have not heard of Kaffir Boy, but I'm going to look it up-- sounds interesting! Glad you're enjoying your high school lit choices, Analie-- I think about you almost daily as I still have Bluebear from exactly one year ago on my Need To Read shelf. I'm a terrible person! I will get it back to you, I promise. :) I hope you like Mrs. Martin Stewart; she's a nice lady and one of my fave librarians in the district! Rachael and Nathan, I agree. :) I look forward to seeing HP again Tuesday!
Mrs. P