Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bookies! What mystery will it be?

Sorry guys-- I've been seriously slacking on All Things Blog and Book Club. We're getting AR (Accelerated Reader) up and running in the library, basketball season is in full swing, Mia's obedience classes are now on Tuesday nights, tennis preseason is upon me, and the Australian Open just started. I'm not short on excuses! Anyway, we decided at the last meeting to read a mystery, and it was stated and agreed that something age-appropriate (YA or 5-8) would be appreciated. I said I would come up with something, but I'm now saying that I will take suggestions. So, what are you interested in reading that you haven't read yet? Post here and let's discuss!
Mrs. P


Roshon said...

Age-appropriate? You guys are so unexciting. Haha, I'm kidding...um, let's see. Agatha Christie is always fantastic. ^ ^

And that's my biggest suggestion...I'm not that big of a mystery reader, so unfortunatly, I'm not as familiar with a lot of titles and authors. My mom suggested Tony Hillerman(sp), who I guess writes mystery novels, if anyone else is familiar with him.


Nathan said...

Age-appropriate? You guys are so unexciting. Haha, I'm kidding...um, let's see. Agatha Christie is always fantastic.
NEVER ceasing to make me smile analie!

I am currently reading the Echo Falls Books (Book Three in particular)they are really good and if anyone can fit them into their read list, I highly reccomend them

"Sparkling Cyanide" sound good, and by good I mean creepy, which I guess is what she was going for...
Mysteries are weird books,In the good way.

It is amazing how much I babble when I am this tired- Oh, I wrote a Hiaku:

Nathan is tired,
He is done with Hiakus,
going to bed now.

Oh stop it your too kind - Roses?, you didn't need to get me roses.Encore?! well if you insist, you did throw cash after all...

Off to bed I go,
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Roshon said...

Haikus are 5-7-5, you dolt!

*bows* Danke, Nathan. ;)

I'm still looking for our copy of Halloween Party (Not that I've looked that hard....I'll look for it today since I'm home sick. Blach.


JAD said...

Ok i love that word, "Dolt!" Nathan i think you were in LaLa land when you wrote the post...jk. Well im not sure what book to pick, hum, maybe one of the books we picked in the meeting. Well we will maybe decide in the next meeting? only if its all right Ms. Pulley. How are you doing Ms. Pulley anyways?? Well see you all Tommorrow, Bailey ill give the book to Rachel So she can give it to you. Bye


Kaari said...

I thought the Agatha Chrisite books looked intersting, if not we found so pretty short books in the library that are called The Roman Mysteries! There are four different ones so we would have to somehow get more.

Mrs. P said...

I'm here, I'm here! I told you guys that I'm not so big on the mystery genre, so I wouldn't be much help in picking. Agatha Christie would be very different for me; should we ask Mr. Thibault for a recommendation? He strikes me as our resident expert. :) Or, we could do a Roman Mysteries book... those would probably be pretty easy to get multi-copies of and fast reads for us. Okay, we'll vote tomorrow. We've got to get rolling!

Rachael said...

Shoot, what happened to the meeting? I guess we're all buzzed up. Oh well.
I think Agatha Christie Sounds good. Two books that titles struck me were "Sparkling Cyanide" and "Funerals are Fatal."

Mrs. P said...

We met, Rachael, and we picked ABC Murders. Were you not there?

I'm working on getting books...