Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bookies-- What shall we read?

The possibilities are almost endless... any suggestions? I am in the middle of The Book Thief and am enjoying it immensely; would you like to join me and have this be our first book of the year? Find out more about The Book Thief here.

But again, I am open to suggestions! Should we meet and discuss? And I know I dropped the ball again, but do you guys still want to watch Inkheart together? We would have the library all to ourselves during lunch/SSR, so let me know!

Mrs. P


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Yes, I have heard that Book Thief was really good....

It might be interesting to do Hunger Games, but since you and I have read it already...but it's pretty good....a quick read if you really get into it. Maybe...nevermind, I'm drawing blanks...I'll reply with a suggestion later.


Rachael said...

Hmm....good books....
Well, I'm in the middle of a good one, the Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke (author of Inkheart)

The Book Theif's cover makes it look really interesting too. Ohhh ahhh....

Another fun read is The Secret Life of Bees, (which I am also in the middle of,) However, I've read this before, but I was pretty young and couldn't quite grasp the concept. It is also a movie. And I believe Jamia has read it....maybe that one's a no-go.

My friends (Nathan...don't comment) really like this book series called the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonothan Stroud...they've been bugging me to read it but I haven't yet. :0)

Another good one is called the Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans. Its about a mission trip to Peru mixed with a love story...the "boy bookies" might not like it a ton but it wouldn't be unbearable I think. Maybe another no-go.
(My mind is whizzing trying to think of titles.)

Okay, one last one. The book called Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski (something like that) was awesome! The author decided to be homeless for five months hitting different major cities in the US like Denver, DC, Seatle, ect. to see what it was like. Interesting read, but not a novel.

Okay, now I'm blabbing. He he. The only thing about these books really is that I've read all of them except 1/2 of the Thief Lord, Book Thief, and the Bartimaeus trilogy.......he he. I'm going to stop now before my words just blend together...though they might have already done so...

So, yeah, thats all I got to say. See all you bookies soon!

-Rachael the Bookie

Roshon said...

I like Cornelia Funke. :) Dragon Rider was a great book.

My mom read that for a book club, she said it was really good, AND I have to book! Haha! Funny how things work out that way... ;)

Under the Overpass sounds very interesting....if we don't read it, I might go look for it as a filler from reading Dune. And I'm fine if it's not a novel...I'm pretty good with whatever we pick.


Hurr....I'm going to change my blog name....

Mrs. P said...

Where's everyone else? We need some more suggestions so we can take a vote, and I'd like to hear from all the old-school members before doing so. Hmph.

I haven't made any progress in The Book Thief, so I'm leaving that one on the table since you guys haven't read it. I'm thinking Hunger Games is out since three of us will have read it (Joel's reading it right now). Rachael, let's try to find something new that we can agree on-- I bet that's possible!

And now we wait. Tell those boys to get on the blog!

Mrs. P

JAD said...

i've gotten on the blog. but since The Hunger Games is out i really dont know a good book we can read. ill think of a good book these next few days.

Roshon said...

Hm...since we won't be doing the Hunger Games, I'm going to have to think....all the books I've read so far have been...not-book-club-friendly.... ^ ^;

OHOHOHOHOH!!!!! I just got an idea for some suggestions!

Letters from Wolfie- One of my favorite books since fifth grade; this book is about a boy and his dog, Wolfie, who he sends to aide soldiers in the Vietnam war.
Not for those who strongly dislike violance/blood/war (it's not too gory, but it is about a war. ;) I know that Rishab really likes this book...or at least last time I asked him he we might be able to rope him into bookclub if we read it... ^ ^

The Sight- One of my favorite books of all time. It is about a pack of wolves who live in Translvania and test the meaning of family as a powerful prophecy consumes them.
Um...more violance in this one....but Rishab likes this one too...really likes it, if I am correct...I love that book...and could read it over many times. :)

Raven('s?) Quest- A young raven must leave his colony to bring back an ancient species, meeting friends and enemies along the way.
Another great book....reminded me of The Sight in a way...more violance, but not a ton...Saranya liked the book, if I remember... ^ ^

The Cat who Went to Heaven-A poor Japanese artist finds the joys of a lucky cat who turns his career around.
This is a very short book....but I enjoy it, and it might open some interesting discussions about culture and beliefs... XD

Some spontaneous suggestions from yours truely... ;)


Garrison said...

finally i remeberd to get on the blog! well i am in the mood for maybe a horror or thriller novel or maybe we should wait for october to do that. I just havent read a good horror novel in forever! but there is really no specific book i would recommend

Nathan said...

I think reading something like project sweetlife or a realistic fiction novel might be good for a change... We seem stuck on fantasy and historical fiction and it might be fun to switch it up a bit!

kracoon said...

I think we should read some of the blue spruce nomines

JAD said...

Good idea...

Roshon said...

That sounds good. :)

JAD said...

Ms. P, what do you think?

Rachael said...

Backtracking to Analie's suggestions, I haven't read any of those books, except Wolfie I think. It sounds pretty familiar. I think I read it like back in 6th grade. Good book.

Well...that's all I got.

Mrs. P said...

I like the Blue Spruce suggestion a lot! I hear Nathan, however, saying we're genre-stuck, and the vast majority of the nominees are fantasy, with a few chick lit-type realistic fiction novels thrown in. The other problem is that a good number of the nominees are the latest in series; would we read them all? So, I'm not quite sure what to do. I also want to choose a book that no one has read yet... I think I'm going to pull rank and say Let's Read The Book Thief. I haven't made much progress in it yet (the U.S. Open runs pretty late every night, you know!)-- still only halfway-- so you guys could get caught up pretty quickly, I think. It's long, but it's good!

I'm going to create a new post with meeting details so we can discuss this further!

Mrs. P