Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer, continued!

Hi everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a while; sorry about that. Things have been a little crazy for me the last few weeks, but I think I've turned a corner and I can finally start enjoying summertime again! Lessee... I'm reading Savvy right now, which won the Newbery this year (rare that fantasy books win Newberys, so of course I have to give this one a go!), and did I talk about Hunger Games in my last comment? I can't remember... but allow me to say, I thought it was EXCELLENT. I read it in one travel day-- could not put it down, seriously! Great character development and a good idea for a story. I recommend it highly.

Bookies, about the movie-- I had some thoughts while I was out of town. Why don't we have our movie day sometime in the couple of weeks before school starts? I am assuming everyone will be rolling back into town by then and it will help us all ease into school mode. Does that sound good? The movie is out; I've put it in my Netflix queue, so we'll be ready to go. If this is acceptable to all of you, we'll figure out a day to meet up at the school, I'll get it lined up so we can have it going on the big screen in the Rattlers Den, and we can do popcorn and whatnot. What say all of you?

And just in case you're NOT in book club but you ARE reading this blog... feel free to join us on this movie day to watch Inkheart! I say the more the merrier. :)

Woohoo Summer!!
Mrs. P


blood at daybreak said...

Sounds excellent! Just tell me a date and I'll see if I can come! I might have a friend who is reading Inkheart but I can't remember is she is or not.....I'll ask her when she gets back from Mexico! I wish I could say that I've done a lot of reading this summer, but I can't.....a lot of website I think the summer hightlights so far are:

Elsewhere: the story of a 15 year old girl who dies and goes to the afterlife.
I enjoyed the idea and the fact that it wasn't a religious book. (as some of you might remember, I am not a Christan ;) )

The Audacity of Hope
Wheee!!! President Obama's book! I reread that this summer :) I just love his writing and I look forward reading his other book, who's name escapes me now...

When the Wind Blows/Lake House: the mature version of Maximum Ride series
I also reread this series and I still love it! Blood, Science, and foul language! Whee!!!

I've also enjoyed doing a lot of art this summer...which surprised me......

And in response to Mrs. Pulley on The Hunger Games, I also found it a great book! I look forward to the sequel.....and I keep thinking that something had bugged me about the book.....but I lost my copy of it. My hardback copy. From the bookfair. Which cost me close to 20$. Augh!!!!! It's driving me nuts!!!! I have no idea where it is!!!!!!

Anyways, enough moaning about my pathetic summer life.....just give me a date and I'll run it through with me mom!


Blue wolves and Mushrooms said...

Oops...that was me...sorry...habit...heheh


Garrison said...

Well like I said, I can't watch inkheart cause I don't like brandon frieser (didn't spell it right but he is a bad actor so who cares?!?!) I also haven't read the book and evan if I did idk if I would because I heard the movie didn't follow the book at all!

blue wolves and mushrooms said... seriously have issues with Brandon, don't you......well, it's your choice. *shrugs* Anyways, isn't that the reason we see the movies? To see how much they've strayed? ;)


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

This is kind of late, but I just realized that you mention you're reading Savvy, Mrs. P! That's awesome! I saw that book at the Boulder Book Store and I almost bought it....I've heard it's really good and I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it at the BBS, because it was on sale and was sighned by the author....T.T Tell me what you think of it when your done! ^ ^


nathan said...

I just got back from a mini excursion to the springs, and in the car me and Rae Rae wached the movie...

... I would be glad to see it again though... Especialy with fellow bookies! And if I do, I will PROMISE To keep my mouth shut...

nathan said...


Lemonade Mouth

Project Sweet Life


Stop me if youve heard this one before

And The Calder Game!

I Highly reccomend project sweet life! it was a great book. btw () and unrelated by all means) lots of books I've picked out seem to be, to borrow Mrs.P's word... Racey. It showed a little in Lemonade Mouth and SMIYHTOB, but i had to put down Hacking Harvard because it got that bad...:)bye

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Hey Nathan!

Augh, you better keep your mouth shut during it...... - -

Those sound like interesting books! And you know, some people are just more sensitive to those things than others. *shrugs* You might read the book later, who knows? Anyways, I hope you had a good trip!


JAD said...

hey guys its joel. i know i havnt bloged in a while. ive been veery busy. well i can go see the movie any time really just tell me a date and ill ask my mother. wait i take that back i cant go on the WEB meetings or any one else thats in WEB.

I can say that ive read a lot but i wont be telling the truth...-dont judge me-but i still have plans on finishing narnia though.

well see u guys some other time.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


There are Web meetings during the summer...? Er...anyways, you seem very fond of that phrase, "don't judge me"........ and that's still pretty impressive to finish the entire Narnia series....I still haven't read the last two...The Silver Chair and The Last Battle, I think they are....


JAD said...

they are what analie???? jk. well im trying my best.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny Joel. XP What book are you currently on? Oh, and how far are you on the math packet? I'm trying to figure out how much I should be freaking out....hehhe..actually I've done like 15+ pages or so......Whooo! Almmost half way there!


Nathan said...

Analie...15+ pages is more than 20 divided by two... What have they been teaching YOU in math this summer girl!?

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


*rolls eyes* Oh, shut up Nathan ;) Anyways, I should be done soon, as I've been doing like 3-4 pages a day here in Connecticut......blah! So take that!


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Bwahaha! So posting a url does work!!! ;)

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Oh, and what do you mean 15+ is more than 20(/2)?!? Duh I know that! Muchless it would be 20X2! MY math packet is 39 pages long!


Hawx said...

I still haven't finished my math packet, despite the fact that school starts in 3 days.So if you think YOU are behind on your work, think again.