Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Club Meeting This Friday!

All right guys, we have to bust a move to get this book in the bag. :) Let's be ready to discuss up to chapter 50, "No Luck for Elinor". That means we all need to be prepared to discuss through page 456! Can we do it?

I got Joel Duran a copy of the book last Friday (his got destroyed), and he will be joining us if he can get caught up... say hi, Joel, so people don't think you're a figment of my imagination!

Mrs. P


JAD said...

Hey guys, don't worry Ms. P isn't making me up I am real. My name is Joel and I am now in the Book Club. As Ms.P said I will try my best to cath up to you guys. See you Friday!:)


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

wow. Now what does "his book got destroyed" imply?! *casts supicious looks to Joel*
Urg... I have to get reading..I haven't read very far yet....


animal chick 313 said...

I know i am not in the Book Group, but i just want to say that this link has really grown scince the fifth graders first came to Altona.

:-)Devin a seventh grader

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Er...the fifth graders aren't here anymore...?