Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey bookies,
So obviously I am sick. I've got the flu, and the doctor ordered me to stay home for a couple days. :( I went to the bball game tonight, and that was probably a big mistake. Anyway, I'll be out Friday, so let's shoot for next week. Is one day better than the others for you guys?
Let me know--


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

Mrs. Pulley,

I hope you get better! :( My mom told me that you were out with something on Wednesday, but I didn't know it was the flu! :(

And no offese but I'm kind of glad that we didn't have a meeting on Friday because Mrs. Butler was in town!!! :D:D:D:D Luckly I had brought my camera to school that day so I got some pictures and I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I felt bad for Mr. Butler, no one gave him a hug when we saw him... ;) )

I do not suggest having a meeting on a Monday.....


(wow, that was long...)

nathan said...

I am sick too, I am almost always sick, which is annoying.

Multi line pictures are cool
/ \
/ \
| O O |
| |
| |
\ ____________ /

nathan said...

That didn't work so well