Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful... it's a good time to revisit Hot Chocolate and Books! I know some of you will go to see The Golden Compass this weekend (I might myself!), so feel free to comment here about that as well. But outside of our latest book-turned-movie, what's everyone reading? What are you thinking about reading over winter break? Anything you're excited about that's coming out soon?

Let's chat over our cups of hot cocoa!
Mrs. P


maymay357 said...

this winter break, i am going to finish up the island series. The first book is very EXCITING, it is abou these six kids who go on a trip for various reasons. but the ship crashes on an un known island. only these for of the six kids survive, acouple more peps live, but leave or die later. but anyway, every night i come home and make some hot coco and read my island book

right now i am on #2 of the 3 books. so far VERY VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Pulley said...

Very cool, maymay357!

I have finished the first two books of the His Dark Materials trilogy and have just begun the third. I'll wrap that one up quickly I imagine, and then I'm going to read Code Talker. It's about Navajo Indians who, during WWII, passed messages for the U.S. military. AFTER BREAK, I WILL BE CALLING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO JOIN LHS BLOGGERS AND ME IN A BOOK CLUB BLOG ABOUT THIS BOOK. If you're interested, let me know!

And just an FYI, there's a movie already out about it, so maybe when we're finished reading it, we could watch it!

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
I am also reading over break. I just finished Dark River by Erin Hunter. It is SO good. Plus, it was 20% off! She hasn't written another one yet, so I guess I will have to read the Feild Guide and the Firestars Quest next.
P.S. Mrs. Pulley, uh, I am clicking anonymous just because I cant figure out the new Nickname thing.

link said...

oh the wheather outside is frightening but the swordplay is so delightening. i'm finishing up a book called the warriors heir