Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Twilight news!

Hey Stephenie Meyer fans!
I won't go on too long here, but since I did the movie news for the Lightning Thief, I thought I should post info about the Twilight movie. :) The title is hyperlinked to the IMDb website (Mrs. P's go-to site for movie news!), where you can get the latest and greatest about Bella and Edward's screen debut. They haven't announced the cast yet, but the director has the movie Lords of Dogtown to her credit.

2008 isn't that far away...!

Mrs. P


maymay357 said...

Hi Hi every one got anything to say bout the book cause it looks like no one likes it, read it, or has ANYTHING to say!! Come on every one!!!

everchanging said...

woo! Emily Browning is rumored to be Bella...I believe Mr. Philip Pullman wanted Nicole Kidman to play a certain Mrs. Coulter, so hopefully SM will get her wish. Speaking of Mrs. Coulter, I think you should posy some HDM movie news. ;)

Mrs. Bliss said...

A movie! Great news! When is it supposed to make its debut? Who do you think Bella and Edward should be?

Mrs. Pulley said...

To maymay357:
There have been other posts about this series; if you search the older posts, you will see more about Twilight, for sure!

To everchanging:
I'm in the process of reading The Golden Compass right now; having never read it before, I wanted to get it completed before the movie version. I was trying to hold off on setting up a post about it until I finished it, so stay tuned... if it takes me too long, I'll set up a post anyway. :)

To mrs. bliss:
Welcome to the blog! It's great to have you on here. In answer to your questions, everchanging is right in that Emily Browning is rumored to be signed on as Bella (click on the title to the post-- it's hyperlinked to the website!). As for date, Internet Movie Database says 2008. Woohoo!

Edward is a tough call. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Mrs. P

soccergirl23 said...

Nope no idea.


You are reading the Golden Compass!

I want a post on that soon!!

How far are you in the book?

Anonymous said...

oh my are you serious a movie shesh i think i will see it a million times. the book was just so good! ahh now i can't wait for the new year