Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown beginning soon to The Big Release of the Fall!

So I was very excited over the summer when I saw trailers in the theater, but lately it had slipped my mind. I just realized, however, that November begins next week, and that means the countdown commences! Anybody want to chat about the movie/book? I need to reread it, and quickly!

Have you seen the latest trailer, if not, check it out on IMDB.

My big question is this: They left SO much out of Half-Blood Prince, how are they going to tie those ends back together and make the story work? Hmm...

Let's chat!
Mrs. P

Who wants to discuss Mockingjay?


All right, I've finished the trilogy and I'm ready to chat about the books. Who'd like to get it started?
Mrs. P

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Goal + Discussion Questions!

I got called out by Nathan for not updating the blog (and all of you Bookies have been called out for not participating on the blog!) so we all need to get it together. :) It's Book Fair week, Nathan, so cut us some slack and come see us Tues, Wed, or Thursday nights! We'll be open for conferences.

Okay, next page goal... Some folks have requested that we read to the end of the book, but let's do one more break. Please read to chapter 25, Westing's Wake, p. 154. And, in the meantime, let's discuss the questions below here:

1. There are many ironic situations and comments in this story---situations where there is a contrast between what it is and what it seems to be. What is ironic about Judge Ford's comment to Angela that "one of these tidbits might cheer you up .I hear you'll be getting married soon." Why wouldn't the Judge's efforts cheer up Angela?

2. Why does Mr. Hoo smile when Mr. And Mrs. Theodorakis's kitchen is ruined from the explosion?

3. After Sydelle was injured she doesn't jump at the chance to get attention for her injury. Why do you suppose that she plays down her pain this time?

4. How do the lives of Angela and Theo parallel those of Violet and Theo's father?

5. Of all the information supplied by the private investigator, which piece do you thinks is the most interesting and relevant to the mystery? Why?

6. What questions do you have so far? Thoughts? Theories? Let's chat!

Mrs. P